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Bilal Qizilbash as an entrepreneur holding Bilal's EasyKale® and as a scientist dressed in a lab coat in his laboratory

At EK FOODS, INC, our mission goes beyond developing and distributing science-based meal solutions. We are driven by a deeper purpose - to contribute to the advancement of cancer research and fund explorative projects that have the potential to transform lives. Our ongoing cancer research is rooted in the unwavering belief that nature has the power to unlock remarkable solutions for humanity. 

According to Bilal: "The great hope for the future of cancer treatment is approaches that are reliably lethal to cancer cells, while sparing healthy cells entirely. The finding that a natural, safe, readily available, and inexpensive source may harbor just such potential is truly stunning. But there is so much work we need to do together"

Bilal Qizilbash, CEO & Co-founder of EK Foods,Inc, embarked on a groundbreaking journey to uncover kale's full potential in combating cancer. In 2013, his groundbreaking discovery demonstrated that juiced kale possesses the ability to effectively target melanoma cells in vitro while leaving non-cancerous cells unharmed. This remarkable finding ignited a passion within him to make this discovery accessible to the world, and to bring people together in the pursuit of a common goal - overcoming cancer.

However, we recognize that there is still much work to be done. Our ongoing research aims to build upon Bilal's master's thesis, his 2019 discovery, and the subsequent peer-reviewed paper published in 2020. We are committed to expanding our knowledge, exploring new avenues, and collaborating with brilliant professors and researchers who share our dedication to advancing cancer treatment.

By supporting EK FOODS, you become part of a movement that goes beyond meal solutions. Your contribution helps us sustain funding for additional cancer and scientific research, enabling us to support the brilliant minds behind transformative ideas focused on humanity. Together, we can maximize access to healthy foods for all and foster a community where collaboration and collective efforts can move mountains.


Be a part of Bilal's ongoing cancer research and together, let's make a difference that resonates far beyond the confines of a plate.


From Unexpected Taste to Cancer Breakthrough : How Bilal's Story With Kale Began

Large shipment of fresh organic kale in black plastic crates for fruits and vegetables, perfect for bulk purchases.

It's quite interesting how Bilal's journey with kale began. At that time, he was completely unaware of its existence and had never even tasted it. The whole kale story started with his mother's newfound passion for juicing. She would experiment with different fruit blends, including the delightful combination of strawberries, mangos, and other sweet and refreshing ingredients. Intrigued by her creations, Bilal joined her in trying these delicious juices, unaware of the surprising turn of events that awaited him.

One day, while Bilal's mother was reading a blog on REAL (Responsible Eating And Living), she came across an intriguing idea. "Bilal, how about trying a hardcore juice?" she suggested. He couldn't resist the invitation and with a lighthearted spirit, agreed to give it a shot. Little did he know that this particular juice would leave a lasting impression, but not for the reasons he expected.

Professional headshot of Bilal Qizilbash, CEO of EK Foods, wearing a lab coat and a friendly smile in a laboratory.

As soon as Bilal took a sip of that green juice, his taste buds recoiled in shock. "This tastes awful! I never want to try it again in my life!" he exclaimed, convinced that it was a flavor he couldn't bear. This incident occurred around the fourth day of their juicing experiment.

However, something peculiar caught Bilal's attention on the sixth or seventh day. While showering, he noticed a significant decrease in the size and number of the skin tags that had plagued him for years. Skin tags, those tiny tumors resulting from transcription errors, were something Bilal and his friends had come to accept as an inevitable part of aging. But this unexpected change in their appearance made him question what might have caused it.

Intrigued, Bilal began retracing his steps and reflecting on his recent lifestyle changes. He had been eating his usual burgers and had not made any other significant alterations. Then, it struck him—the juices! He started quizzing his mother about the ingredients she had used: strawberries, mangos, cucumbers, apples, ginger—all familiar components. But one ingredient stood out from the rest: kale. Kale was entirely new to him, and he had never experienced such remarkable results before.


Invigorating green vegan smoothie with fresh organic kale leaves and aromatic lemon balm on a vibrant yellow background.

Driven by curiosity, Bilal delved into research to uncover more about kale and its potential anti-cancer properties. Surprisingly, he found limited scientific research on the subject, apart from its recognized anti-proliferative effects. That's when he turned to online forums, where individuals openly shared their health journeys and experiences. As he sifted through countless testimonies, a common thread emerged—the transformative power of a natural lifestyle, focusing on improved diet, hydration, and exercise. But one element kept resurfacing: KALE.

Recognizing the significance of this commonality, Bilal decided to exchange his skepticism for further exploration. Although he wasn't a researcher at the time and initially dismissed the idea, it stayed with him until he finally stepped into the laboratory and began conducting his own experiments. There, a remarkable molecular compound caught his attention, bearing a resemblance to something else that held promise. It was then that he decided to embark on this exciting journey, testing the potential of kale and running with the idea.

A flavorful combination of Bilal's EasyKale powder sprinkled on a fresh tomato salad and a serving of Raan Raan Italian pasta, garnished with parsley, presented in a wooden bowl.


And so, from that moment of disbelief over the taste of kale juice, a world of possibilities unfolded—a path that would lead to the creation of Bilal's EasyKale®, the tasteless kale powder, harnessing the remarkable properties of kale while preserving its natural benefits. It's a story that celebrates the beauty of serendipity and the wonders of nature's gifts, paving the way for potential breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.

Fresh tomato salad with a sprinkling of Bilal's EasyKale and a side of creamy ricotta cheese.

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to push the boundaries of cancer research. Together, we have the power to create a future where nature's gifts, like kale, play a pivotal role in overcoming one of humanity's greatest challenges.But then I was wondering, how about if we go back to nature where instead of making our own recipe, nature has its own recipe for kale. So let’s test that in its natural form because it is immediately available and it is directly accessible to everyoneThat’s how the idea came to be, and that’s the experimentation we did and are continuing to do."