Bilal's EasyKale® (Formerly EasyKale™) in the News

Our sincere thanks to the publications and news outlets reporting on  Bilal's EasyKale® and about our team members.

(Media professionals, please contact if you'd like to set up an interview or get more information for publication.)

EasyKale Hotspots™

We had the pleasure of bringing Bilal's EasyKale® directly to our customers in various locations across the Jackson, Mississippi area (our hometown). It was a wonderful experience connecting with our community and sharing the benefits of Bilal's EasyKale®. While we no longer operate in these hotspots or sell directly to consumers, we now focus on providing Bilal's EasyKale® in bulk for institutions and organizations. If you're interested in incorporating Bilal's EasyKale® into your institution's offerings, please reach out to us. We'd be thrilled to discuss how we can meet your needs!