Running? Weight-training? A Daily Serving of Kale Could Boost Performance and Recovery

You have probably heard someone call kale a "superfood." While that sounds like it may be an exaggeration (and we don't actually love the term) there's certainly an argument for it.

Kale is one of the best vegetables you can eat because it has an incredible amount of nutrients, densely packed in a natural leafy green. These nutrients are great for everyone, and especially necessary for runners, weight-lifters and other athletes who want to perform at their peak.

It might not be as glamorous or delicious as sweet potatoes or avocados, but kale is not to be avoided. Here are some of the benefits of eating kale for runners, athletes, and weekend warriors:

Kale is full of antioxidants. Vitamins E, C and beta carotene are all antioxidants and all three are found in kale. Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals that can cause diseases that range from heart disease to cancer. This will not only keep you healthy but will also help you recover from your workouts more quickly.

Kale is anti-inflammatory. Kale has a ton of omega 3 fatty acids which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. If you are injury prone or recovering from an injury, boosting your kale intake will help you heal more quickly. The anti-inflammatory properties will also keep your joints strong, prevent disease and keep you slim.

Kale keeps your bones strong. Kale has a ton of Vitamin K which supports bone strength. And let’s face it, you need a lot of bone strength to hit the pavement as much as you do. Kale is also a good source of calcium, which is especially important for runners or walkers who constantly do weight bearing activity.

Kale keeps you regular. Kale has lots of fiber that will keep you regular. If you have ever had problems with ahem, bathroom issues, while running then you know staying regular is very important to training. Fiber will also help your heart health and decrease your risk of developing cancer.

Kale is full of hard to get nutrients. Kale contains a myriad of nutrients that will improve your vision and circulation while also lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. This will improve your cardio performance and make you a better overall athlete.

Kale is better than beef. Kale contains more iron and omega 3 fatty acids than beef. Iron is essential for endurance during training since it keeps your muscles oxygenated. Kale is also a clean food source that is vegan. While it does not pack quite as much of a punch in the protein department as beef, it does provide some protein, which helps your muscles build and heal more quickly.

Kale is a great vegetable to have in your diet. It can be eaten every day, and with consistent servings, the nutrients and benefits are delivered over time.

Any way you choose to prepare it, kale can make you a better athlete and a healthier person.

But one of the easiest ways to eat a serving of kale daily is by using EasyKale™. Our dehydrated, 100% kale product is perfect to sprinkle onto salads, stir fries, smoothies and more. It is especially great if you do not like to cook or do not enjoy the taste of kale. A teaspoon of EasyKale™ will get you a full serving, giving you all the health benefits with none of the work.

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