Raid Your Cabinet With These 3 Bilal's EasyKale® Inspired Recipes

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So, what can I put Bilal's EasyKale® in? We get this question all the time.

Bilal's EasyKale® can be used in anything!

Because it has such a low profile, it’s virtually tasteless.

It’s very apparent that we’re currently living in strange times. If you’ve braved the outside world and taken a trip to the grocery store then you’ve noticed that things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer have become a commodity, or even, a luxury.

Even some of our favorite cooking essentials and ingredients have become just as elusive. Don’t fret, because you can still whip up a few easy meals with ingredients you’ve already got in the cabinet with no recipe at all. So, without further ado, here are some of our super simple meal suggestions using what you’ve already got.

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Taco ‘Bout

Take a look in the fridge or around the pantry. What have you got?

How about a protein, some tortillas or a big leafy green that can double as a wrap, some cheese, tomatoes, sour cream?

Great! Let’s whip up some tacos!

Tacos are extremely easy to make, but just in case, here’s the basic rundown.

  • First and foremost, wash your hands.
  • Now, grab a saucepan, turn on the stove burner, and start heating up your protein. A pound of meat will go for about eight to ten tacos, depending on how beefy you make them. When you add the taco seasoning, or just simple chili powder if you don’t have taco seasoning lying around, just go ahead and add in some Bilal's EasyKale® as well. Remember, one tablespoon is equivalent to about four cups of leafy green kale goodness.
  • Next, you’ll need to grab your tortillas. You have options here, too. Soft, crunchy, spinach wraps. The world is really your oyster, or guacamole in this case.
  • You can’t have tacos without cheese! May we recommend a traditional Mexican blend to really complete the aesthetic.
  • Sour cream optional. Taco sauce not. Flavor and intensity up to you. Mild, hot, verde (for all you folks who grew up on Taco Bell).
  • The other fillings and fixings are up to you! Shred some lettuce or chop up some tomatoes.
  • You could serve your tacos with a side of black beans. Bilal's EasyKale® can be added here too!

If You Like Smoothies We’ll Blend In Just Fine

Got any fruit you need to put to use?

Let’s try whipping up an easy smoothie, and we mean easy.

We’ll assume you’ve got a few bananas, a little milk, and a jar of peanut butter. Maybe you also have some honey, cocoa powder, or even some yogurt - anything that can be used as a thickening agent, really. If you’re a baker or any kind of aspiring chef, and by this we mean anything past microwavable macaroni and cheese, then you may have some simple spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, thyme, seeds, nut butters, leafy greens. Those seem to be in everyone’s pantry or refrigerator.

  • Take one banana, chop it up, and throw it in the blender.
  • Next, take about a tablespoon of peanut butter or your thickening agent of choice and add it in there. Oh, and for our fitness fanatics and gym rats this is your cue to mix in your protein powder of choice.
  • Now, add a half a cup of unsweetened nut or soy milk. You can even use regular milk. Or, if you’re out of milk altogether, water can always be used as a substitute.
  • Lastly, add some Bilal's EasyKale® in there. How much of a helping of greens do you want? This is up to you. 
  • Then, get to blending! You can even do this the old fashioned way, by combining all the ingredients into a large cup and mixing together with a spoon. You could even burn a few extra calories that way!

And voilà, you’ve got yourself a smoothie! Remember, you can substitute any fruit and any protein you want to use, or whatever you’ve got. It’s up to you!

Rice Rice Baby

A rice bowl is another super easy meal you can make with ingredients you’ve got lying around. These are always known as Buddha bowls. Rice bowls are all about balance. It’s a way to eat a variety of different foods, but not eating too much of any one thing. It’s very similar to a rice bowl.

  • First, you’ll need to grab a grain. Either some brown or white rice, quinoa, or maybe you’re on the keto train and you’ve got some cauliflower rice. You can use that, too! The grain will be your base layer.
  • Next, you’re free to choose any protein you’ve got or leave it out altogether. We also suggest using either sweet or roasted potatoes if you’ve got them. Be sure to slice the protein or chop up the potatoes before adding them in. Remember, it’s all about balance.
  • Now, you’ll want to add in some veggies or greens. Anything applies here. Are you noticing a theme? You can use lettuce, spinach leaves, Brussels sprouts, or broccoli. Don’t have any fresh greens lying around? Never fear, Bilal's EasyKale® is here! Use as much or as little as you like. It is a great source of greens after all!
  • If you want to mix it up even more, try adding a fried egg with your choice of dressing!

Now is the time to get really creative in the kitchen!

How are you using EasyKale? Show us with the hashtag #dailykale.

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