Is Bilal's EasyKale® the Answer to the Great Veggie Debate?

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One of the key features of Bilal's EasyKale® is what we call the “lowered flavor profile,” which simply means that the flavor of our powered kale isn’t as bitter as leafy kale—a taste that certainly has some diehard fans, but many more detractors.

While some people don’t like the taste of leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables at all, others will single out kale as something they don’t want in their diets.

And kids—with less developed palates and less of an interest in “what’s good for them”—can be among kale’s biggest detractors.

But why is that important? Here are a few reasons to consider getting more kale into your kids diets:


Vitamins A and K


A full serving of Bilal's EasyKale® is high in Vitamins A and K. According to WebMD, Vitamin A “promotes normal growth and development, tissue and bone repair, and healthy skin, eyes and immune response” in kids. Vitamin K supports blood clotting and helps bind calcium to bones.


Speaking of calcium, kale has a higher concentration of calcium than cow’s milk, making it a nice option for lactose-intolerant kids or for families that want to lean away from dairy.


Vitamin C


According to the Cleveland Clinic, “Vitamin C is vital to the body’s maintenance of overall health, and is seen in high concentration in immune cells.” For youngsters, Vitamin C helps in the formation of blood vessels, cartilage and muscle, along with neurotransmitters (chemicals in the nervous system) and carnitine, which breaks down fatty acid to give kids energy.

What else? According to the same article, plant-based vitamin C is the best way to get it.



Third-party lab testing of Bilal's EasyKale® confirmed the presence of three really significant flavonoids—quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin. In general, flavonoids tend to have anti-inflammatory qualities, which might help the body with all sorts of disease-fighting, especially cancer.

So, that’s kale. What about Bilal's EasyKale®? How can this special product be a boost for your kids diet?

Here’s a few good reasons:


Long Shelf Life

With 16 full servings of USDA-certified organic kale in each bottle, Bilal's EasyKale®  is a lot easier to keep around and add to meals than fresh leafy kale.

Given the convenience of the shaker, you can add kale to over two weeks worth of meals for you and your kids with great results.

Low Taste Profile = Hideable

Got kids who turn up their noses at most or all veggies? That’s where the low taste profile of Bilal's EasyKale®  comes in. You can stir it into spaghetti sauce, chili, baked beans, mac and cheese, guacamole, sour cream dip—all sorts of dinner items you prepare every night.

You won’t change the flavor of these foods, and if you stir the EasyKale in pretty late in the meal prep, you’ll have something that nearer to raw leafy kale—with tons of nutrients and bioavailability.

It’s Green!

There’s also a chance that your kids will love Bilal's EasyKale® because... it’s green! (Some of the parents we talk to tell us their kids call it “the green salt.”) Sprinkle it on french fries, burgers, and chicken, or add it to scrambled eggs or cereal.

Get your kids to help you blend it up in a smoothie or frozen yogurt treat, where they can watch it turn food green (or, in other cases, they can watch the green stuff blend right in).

Making eating fun with Bilal's EasyKale® might not just help you get your kids to enjoy their #dailykale, it might get them trying new vegetables and foods as well.

Got ideas? Let us know? Hit the button below to send us feedback and clue us in if you’ve got a clever use for Bilal's EasyKale® we didn’t mention. Thanks!

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