Headaches? Migraine? Kale May Help!

Close-up of a plate with seasoned salmon and vegetables.

Widely recognized as an anti-inflammatory, kale (and other leafy greens) naturally lend themselves to a diet that seeks to mitigate migraine pain. According to Bel Marra Health, kale and other greens lead the list of "do-eat" foods for those with migraines; the "do nots" include caffeine, alcohol and MSG.

At MigraineAgain.com, the five reasons why kale is a superfood includes its nutrient density and it's anti-oxidant qualities. They also point out that the average American only gets 2-3 cups of this superfood each year, thanks it part to it's flavor and the inconvenience of buying and preparing it. Of course, that's a great reason to use MiraKale to fill in your kale gaps—each tablespoon or MiraKale equals about a cup of kale.

The Today Show notes that five different nutrients can help stave off headaches; while the story notes that kale is rich in riboflavin, it actually also offers magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids that make the list.

Finally, Bustle quotes dietitian Keri Gans saying the greens such as kale, along with whole grains, orange veggies (like carrots and sweet potatoes) and salmon—along with other foods and supplements—can help.

How about some MiraKale on your sweet potato fries or baked salmon?

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