Foodboro Calls EasyKale 'Must Watch' Food Maker for Mississippi

A designed map of the United States that features food and beverage makers across the country; EasyKale is featured in Mississippi.

Foodboro, an online industry group for food and beverage manufacturers, put together its "Must Watch Food and Beverage" list in November of 2018, using a map of the United States to show the food or beverage company to watch for in each particular state.

We at EasyKale were thrilled to see our logo in Mississippi on that map!

According to their blog entry, Foodboro choose the companies because they are "constantly and creatively changing how we find, share and eat out food."

Bilal's EasyKale®  is a great example of this. Our founder Bilal invented EasyKale because he wanted to help people get a regular serving of kale in their diet because of its potential to improve health and fight disease. (His own cancer research was a big reason why he wants people to consume kale.)

EasyKale is designed to make it easier for people to consume a "superfood" that leaves something to be desired in its leafy form -- store-bought kale can be tough, bitter and expensive. Bilal's EasyKale®, on the other hand, makes it possible to add the benefit of kale to nearly any dish or meal, from smoothies to sauces to soups to dips -- or just sprinkled over your favorite foods. You can then add kale to your diet daily, which means regular intake of its particular nutritional properties.

It's an honor to be named a food to watch, and in FoodBoro's write-up we note that they looked at food companies "... of all sizes, who were growing their businesses in innovative ways – no matter what stage their company was."

We appreciate that, as EasyKale seeks to grow both locally and online, making awareness of our product—and its benefits and uses—a top priority.

You'll see more of us in coming weeks, and, in the meantime, our sincere thanks go out to Foodboro for the recognition.

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